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Paris Countdown, another excellent European thriller

ParisCountdown.jpgI saw Paris Countdown (La Jour Attendra) at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and loved the stylish thriller that was backed by a powerful and excellently written script. It built edgy and realistic characters and an emotionally engaging relationship between the two leads both of whom performed superbly.

I loved it there's no doubt about that so it's great to see a new trailer for the film and a release hitting America, shame the same can't be said for the UK. So far it's been seen at the festival and had a dual release in Belgium and France. Let's hope that expands soon.

Here's the blurb for Paris Countdown (La Jour Attendra) (Filmstalker review) that comes with the new trailer:

Unable to repay their debts, Milan and Victor, best friends and co-owners of a Paris nightclub, are lured into a drug deal that goes bad. Tortured by police, they negotiate their freedom against an overwhelming testimony that condemns their psychotic liaison to prison. Six years later, the men's nightmare begins again when the psychopath is granted his freedom. Now, not having talked for years, the old friends are united again in order to survive. Paris Countdown is the directorial debut from celebrated writer Edgar Marie and from the producers of "Point Blank" and "A Gang Story."

"From the producers of…" is a moniker I often hate being used because it means the people who make the business behind the production work were also responsible for the same thing on another film, and that can mean little with the finished article. Mind you sometimes those producers have more of a hand in talent, locations, and even script and direction, and when that happens they can have a more positive and direct impact.

I'm not sure what the story with the "from the producers of…" title here is but I do know that the film turns out to be a strong, stylish thriller that I thought delivered well on many fronts. That's not exactly being held up on the IMDB ratings though, with thirty-nine votes cast my nine looks lost next to the average. However looking at the breakdown of voting the low votes come from two US viewers and those aged 30-44 (that's actually me!), the strong votes come from those aged 18-29 and in particular females.

I always like looking at the breakdown of voting against a film, when I am judging a film by an average rating on IMDB which isn't that often to be honest, for when you do it does tell you a lot more about the worthiness of the rating.

As an aside, for the ratings here it's interesting that the "Aged 18-29" bracket states an average of 5.5 while the "Males Aged 18-29" has an average of 7.3 and the "Females Aged 18-29" an average of 8.0 - how do those two averages make 5.5? Perhaps I'm reading these figures all wrong?

Anyway, back to the film, despite the ratings this is a strong and stylish thriller that needs attention and a better release. In my eyes European thrillers are the best thrillers being made, you can see that fact evident in the popularity of European television series and the clamour to remake them. Paris Countdown (La Jour Attendra) (Filmstalker review) is a thriller that proves that very statement.

Here's the trailer through TrailerAddict which is also on Apple Trailers for Paris Countdown (La Jour Attendra), have a look it's well worth your time:




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