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Competition: Win The Wicker Man: Final Cut, 40th Anniversay, three disc Blu-ray set

TheWickerManBluray.jpgYes it might be a mouthful for you but your Blu-ray player and home system will eat this up, as will you. I have two copies of the recently re-released The Wicker Man: Final Cut to give away, for free!

This version of the film is the closest to the original cut from director Robin Hardy as can be found, without finding that lost original cut. What's more is that it's been sanctioned by Robin Hardy himself and the three disc Blu-ray set carries a stream of extras, including three different versions of the film.

The Wicker Man is the classic British horror film, and frankly people should stop using that title and say that it's one of the classic horror films full stop. It's a wonderful psychological horror film that is gaining another new lease of life, not in the form of a cheap marketing ploy anniversary release, but a really worthwhile and definitive release which carries a new, previously thought lost, but of the film.

I wrote about this new cut just recently and talked about how Robin Hardy himself has sanctioned the newly discovered 35mm print of one of the early cuts of the film. Here's the studio recap for you:

StudioCanal have been conducting an extensive worldwide search for film materials for The Wicker Man for the past year, including a public appeal to fans for clues as to the whereabouts of the missing original cut. Eventually a 35mm release print was found at Harvard Film Archives which director Robin Hardy has confirmed is the cut he had put together with distributors Abraxas in 1979 for the US release. This has been scanned at 4k and used to create the first ever full digital restoration of the film, with Robin Hardy's guidance.

Robin accepts that film materials for the fabled Long Version or “Director's Cut” will probably now never be found. “Sadly, it seems as though this has been lost forever. However, I am delighted that a 1979 Abraxas print has been found as I also put together this cut myself, and it crucially restores the story order to that which I had originally intended. This version of The Wicker Man will (optimistically!) be known as The Final Cut.”

When asked whether this cut measures up to the fabled original, long version, Robin Hardy puts it most succinctly: “The film as I saw it in the editing suite the other day fulfills my vision of what it was intended to convey to the audience.“

So you can see that this isn't just a quick re-release for cash, and anyway I'm talking about giving you this for free! Not only does this feature a brand new cut of the film, closest to the original version, but this also comes in a whopping four disc DVD set or three disc Blu-ray set and with the following features:

The Final Cut
UK Theatrical Cut
The Director's Cut (seamless branching on BD only)
Audio Commentary
Making of Audio Commentary short film
Interview with Robin Hardy (new)
The Music of the Wicker Man featurette (new)
Worshipping The Wicker Man Featurette (new)
Restoration comparison (new)
Burnt Offering: The Cult of The Wicker Man
Interview with Christopher Lee & Robin Hardy (1979)
Original Soundtrack

The 40th Anniversary edition, entitled The Wicker Man: Final Cut, is out on the 14th of October 2013 to buy for yourself, but I'm giving you the opportunity to win a copy of the three Blu-ray disc set, and the question's easy as pie and free to enter.

Here's the plot outline for The Wicker Man:

When a young girl mysteriously disappears on a remote Scottish island, devout Christian Police Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) travels there to investigate. He finds a close-knit and secretive pastoral community living on an island paradise, ruled over by mysterious Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee), with beliefs very much at odds with his puritanism. The islanders mock Howie's attempts to question them about the girl's disappearance, and put the very foundations of his faith to the test. He begins to fear [for her life - blurb edit by Richard to remove a little too much information]. As May Day festivities intensify and the islanders' behaviour becomes more frenzied, Howie's quest to save the girl becomes a race against time…

So let's get to business. Winning is simple. First you'll look at the upcoming question and select an answer, then select the competition link which will open an email where you need to enter the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your UK postal address
3. The answer, obviously

Here are the normal rules:

1. You must select the link to enter the competition - this isn't an advertising or tracking ploy, it's just to make sure you enter the competition through this site. Advertising pays to keep the non-profit Filmstalker running and if no one visits, it doesn't earn enough to cover the costs.
2. You must have a UK postal address to enter the competition.
3. One entry per person.
4. Competition closes for entries on 13th October 2013 at 23:59 UTC.
5. Winners will be selected at random from the correct entries and notified by email.
6. Prizes will be posted out soon after the winners are notified.

That's it. Now to that very easy question.

The leading actor in the film, the man who plays Sergeant Howie, appeared in what famous television series as an aging operative helping others in times of need?

That's it. Follow the rules, answer the question, and be in with a chance to win the Blu-ray boxset. Here's the email link to submit your entry:




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