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Competition: Win The Body (El Cuerpo) on Blu-ray

TheBodyBluray.jpgI've been given three copies of The Body (El Cuerpo) on Blu-ray to give away, a Spanish psychological thriller from the producers behind The Orphanage and Julia's Eyes (Filmstalker review), and the director and co-writer Oriol Paulo who also co-wrote Julia's Eyes. The Body also stars the leading lady from both films, Belén Rueda. What am I going to do with them? Give them away for free of course!

All you have to do is answer a simple question and you will be in with a chance of winning one of the Blu-rays, it's simple and you'd be a fool not to enter the competition, so get reading.

The Body (El Cuerpo) is ready to buy now on DVD and Blu-ray, but instead of buying it why don't you read on and enter this competition for free, and with a good chance of ending up with a free copy of the film on Blu-ray.

Here's a little word from the studio first:

The Oriol Paulo directed film gained rave reviews when it screened at last year's London Film Festival and stars Belen Rueda (The Orphanage) as the titular Body. Paulo is best known for his writing duties on the critically acclaimed Julia's Eyes (2010) but here makes his feature-length directorial debut which firmly places him as one to watch.

…and if that doesn't sell you on the film then here's the blurb:

Inspector Jaime is haunted by his own past which is dragged out of the shadows by the disappearance of a body from the morgue. On the case, Jaime must investigate how a corpse can vanish from its freezer without a trace, the only witness being a guard left in a coma cause by indescribable fear.

With his own nightmares driving him to despair, Jaime's only suspect is the dead body's widower, Alex, who maintains his innocence but struggles with inner demons that won't remain hidden. With a body on the loose and strange phenomena occurring, Jaime and Alex are intertwined in a horror that will leave you cold…

So do you fancy winning a copy for doing next to nothing? Well you've come to the right page.

All you have to do is look at the question below, select an answer and then select the competition link which will open an email for you to enter the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your UK postal address
3. The answer, obviously

Here are the normal rules:

1. You must select the link to enter the competition - this isn't an advertising or tracking ploy, it's just to make sure you enter the competition through this site. Advertising pays to keep the non-profit Filmstalker running and if no one visits, it doesn't earn enough to cover the costs.
2. You must have a UK postal address to enter the competition.
3. One entry per person.
4. Competition closes for entries on 30th September 2013 at 23:59 UTC.
5. Winners will be selected at random from the correct entries and notified by email.
6. Prizes will be posted out soon after the winners are notified.

That's it. Now to the question that will leaving you reeling with its complexity.

Who directed Julia's Eyes which the director and co-writer of The Body, Oriol Paulo, co-wrote?

It really is that easy. Follow the rules and here's the email link to submit your entry:




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