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After Tiller trailer is concerning

AfterTiller.jpgA doctor murdered by groups who believed he should not be doing what he was doing despite his work being required, not being against the law, and within the code of conduct for doctors. The story sounds like it comes out of Afghanistan, Iraq or Iran, but it doesn't, it happened in America.

Doctor George Tiller was the medical director of a woman's clinic that was only one of three clinics that provided late-term abortions to women and for that reason people who claimed to be pro-life murdered him. Not only that but they murdered him in his Church during a service.

After Tiller is the story of the four Americans who remained After Tiller to help women in having third-trimester abortions. Giving them support and counselling and ultimately, if they wished, an abortion. All this despite the protests, threats and constant harassment throughout their professional and personal lives. It promises to be a powerful film and the trailer backs that up.

It's hard to believe such a story happened in America but it did, and I can't stop comparing it to the a young girl attacked for trying to educate women in her country and offer them the knowledge to make their own decisions and stand up for their rights. That wasn't America, but how far from Tiller's story is that?

A trailer for After Tiller appears through The Daily Beast and First Showing and can be seen below. It looks powerful, moving and undoubtedly controversial, but right now doesn't seem to be getting a release much further than American film festivals and one trip to the Jerusalem Film Festival - why couldn't it have made it to Edinburgh? It's a topic that deserves a wider audience and so should the film.




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