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Saving Mr Banks trailer, the untold Mary Poppins story

SavingMrBanks.jpgA film about the real Walt Disney sounds like a really fascinating film except that doesn't seem to be the one we'll be getting here. Saving Mr. Banks is based on a real story though, the story is about the author P.L. Travers who created Mary Poppins and then was convinced by Walt Disney to sell the rights to them to allow them to make the film that we all know and love, well all except for Travers.

Emma Thompson plays Travers with Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney in the film directed by John Lee Hancock and written by Kelly Marcel. It also stars Colin Farrell, Ruth Wilson, Paul Giamatti, Rachel Griffiths, Jason Schwartzman, Bradley Whitford and Kathy Baker, so another good cast.

The trailer looks like it could be a strong mix of a light hearted comedy and something a little deeper, insightful about the story of P.L. Travers and of Mary Poppins, but I would really like to know that we're going to see something more of Walt Disney than we might be getting here.

Here's the trailer for Saving Mr. Banks through TrailerAddict:

I would definitely watch a film about Walt Disney, but with Emma Thompson here I think the film focussing more on Travers' story will be just as interesting, especially considering that cast list.




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