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The Wolf of Wall Street trailer is a reel of madness

TheWolfofWallStreet.jpgYou can watch the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street and see shades of a recent Leonardo DiCaprio film trailer, it's all there, except with this film it seems crazier, and much more confusing, and yet at the same it's all the more appealing.

The slew of shots from scenes through the film might not make a lot of narrative sense but they do go to portray a man who seems more money crazed than any other character we've seen. Then of course there's the fact that this is the latest Martin Scorsese film and that should be enough to draw you in.

If it isn't then just watch the scene that the trailer keeps coming back to with Matthew McConaughey who, after impressing with his performance in Mud (Filmstalker review), looks like he's back on top form and here is just as odd and amusing as the rest of the trailer.

The film, The Wolf of Wall Street, is the latest from director Martin Scorsese and sees Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort, the man who the film is about and who wrote the book of his incredible true story that the film is based on. Terence Winter adapted the novel ( / ) and you might have heard the name from writing on The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire.

Belfort is a man who was earning thousands of dollars by the minute and racks up a list of incredible spending habits, not just the usual drink, drugs and partying, but all the way to the parties that ended with sinking of a huge yacht or the crashing of a Gulfstream jet. His story is incredible but then he was also scamming over US $200 million from his investors and soon the agencies were after him.

With Scorsese directing and DiCaprio taking the lead you can already see it's going to be a great film, but then add in a fantastic cast behind him, most of whom you can see in the trailer, and we could be onto a winner here.

It isn't due to be released until November though, according to Deadline that's so the film can hit the awards season, which with a Scorsese film isn't a bad idea.

Here's the trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street:

I wonder, does Belfort profit from the film or is the money he's earning from the book and this feature still heading off to pay the people he scammed?




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