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Prometheus 2 gains writer

Prometheus.jpgThe sequel to Prometheus (Filmstalker review) is moving forward so if a good script is placed in front of Ridley Scott then the chances are we'll see another film in the franchise, picking up from where we left off.

Interestingly though they haven't decided to go with the original Prometheus writers, which I think is both good and bad news. Still, looking for an entirely new writer suggests that they have recognised the need for changes from Prometheus, or that they are going with the idea that his is going to completely branch from the Alien franchise all together.

I personally think that this is the second option. Despite what people thought of Prometheus (Filmstalker review) the view of Ridley Scott from quite early on was that this could branch into its own story after this first film connecting the Aliens and the Engineers. Now we go on the search for the Engineers and answers.

I think the first option is more likely as despite the calls of critics and reviewers alike the film still hit high in the box office returns chart for the year, fifteenth apparently, and has continued to earn. If there are moves to get writers involved then there's obviously a desire to get the sequel made.

Currently, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the man being talked to about putting fingers to keyboard is Jack Paglen. If you don't know the name he wrote Transcendence which Wally Pfister directed. The film is awaiting release and stars Johnny Depp, Morgan Freeman, Kate Mara, Rebecca Hall, Cilliam Murphy, Paul Bettany, Cole Hauser, and Clifton Collins Jr. in a story about two computer scientists who are working together towards their goal of technological singularity - the moment where a computer is able to operate, think and evolve without humanity.

Interestingly, and I don't know if this would be a reflection on Paglen's ability or meddling in a perfectly good script, the credits on IMDB credit the Transcendence screenplay as being rewritten by three other people, one of them being Pfister himself. I'm not sure it would be fair to judge the man on the script that might now not look anything like his original.

Back to Prometheus 2 though and so far we know that Ridley Scott will be producing the film and that Noomi Rapace is surely to return, as would Michael Fassbender. What we aren't sure about is if Scott would direct the sequel and continue on. He may opt to hand over directorial control of the films but stay in the background and steer them in the right direction.

What we do know is that the Prometheus sequel will be about Engineers and not about Aliens. Or will it?




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