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Man of Steel sequel already confirmed?

ManofSteel.jpgThere has already been talk of a Man of Steel sequel, and we should know by now that there's always more than talk as contracts often tie the key people involved in such big films into sequels if the original does well, but this is more than just talk now, it seems to be happening.

If reports are to be believed then the sequel will have Zack Snyder directing once again with David S. Goyer returning to write the script. One name that might not be featuring so heavily in the sequel though is that of Christopher Nolan as producer, and that might concern some.

Man of Steel arrives in cinemas in a matter of days, although some world releases will be throughout the remainder of June and for Brazil July and Japan August, but already the sequel is being discussed. Is it too early?

Well from all accounts no. The excitement around the released footage and the marketing to date has been huge and what's coming out of early screenings has been positive. You just need to watch the previous trailer to see what would have gotten the studio executives so excited, excited enough to apparently green light the sequel.

That's according to Deadline anyway, they say that it has been given the go ahead and is now being fast-tracked. Zack Snyder and David S. Goyer are back in their roles and while the word is that Christopher Nolan will be returning, he won't be as involved as he was first time around.

That might cause concern for some, after all he's been responsible for finding the characters and stories in Batman that drew us so well to his film. He developed a superb thriller first and then put the costumes on, and gave them a reason to at the same time. Apparently his involvement in the production of Man of Steel has been along the same lines, ensuring that the film did the same for Superman as he did for Batman.

According to the article he won't be doing so much for the sequel, after all he has his own films to write and direct, so the question will be can it remain as strong as the first?

Actually the first question is just how strong the first is for with the involvement of Nolan there is a lot of expectation from the tone of this Superman film, and with Snyder and Goyer I would be expecting just as much. Will it deliver the box office returns to justify the sequel? I suspect so, even if the film isn't as accepted by audiences as the run up to release suggests, it is being released in 3D so that's extra revenue right there.

The director Zack Snyder has been of the opinion that they need a sequel for the new Superman before they consider the Justice League film, speaking to Collider he had said:

"I feel like you need to get Superman a little further down the road before you can do a Justice League movie."

It's not just Superman that needs more work before we go to the next film.

Regardless Man of Steel is already getting a sequel, let's see if it's the right move.




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