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Logan's Run still trying to get made

LogansRun.jpgI thought the idea of a Logan's Run remake had been given up on but not so. Despite the fact that Bryan Singer was the long-time drive behind the project it never happened and he passed on the project. Then we heard rumours of Joseph Kosinski then Carl Rinsch but they fell by the wayside, then it was Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling. Gosling dropped out too and left Refn with the film.

That now seems as though it has passed us by, although you can still find out more about the history of the production here on Filmstalker, as we hear that there's a writer on the project and the name is rather surprising. He's not usually associated with films and actually is seen more behind videogames.

The writer is none other than the creator of Irrational Games, responsible for the hugely successful game BioShock, Ken Levine.

Even though I don't see the negativity from videogame to film that most do I still find this news through Deadline and First Showing a little surprising, it isn't who I thought would be writing another attempt at the Logan's Run script, that is if there was going to be another attempt which I didn't think there would be.

It shouldn't be that surprising though, he was part of the team responsible for coming up with the stories for the videogames Thief: The Dark Project and BioShock as well as being the lead writer on BioShock Infinite.

He didn't start with videogames though and he studied drama and began as a writer delivering two screenplays before he moved into the world of videogames. I had a quick look to try and find out what those screenplays were but I couldn't. What I did find was a little more interesting.

While listening to a speech he made in January 2010 to the gaming crowd at PAX found on the Irrational Games he revealed that from a young age he was obsessed with the film Logan's Run - seven minutes in will get you there. He loved the film and then the comic book.

It's a funny speech and well worth a listen regardless, especially if you grew up in a similar time period and a similar way. Plus it tells you that this guy can write something engaging and funny, but then you know he could write engaging, you've surely played BioShock. Beware though, there are a few expletives in there.

Oh and it does tell us that he wrote a screenplay for a violent film about vampires, when no one thought vampires were cool especially not in film, and a romantic comedy the studio made him write.

So amazing now that he is getting a crack at writing Logan's Run, and I do hope that he finds a way to make it appealing to those directors who keep passing it by. After that it looks like he's back to the videogame world, unless they finally find a director to make the film and it turns out to be a success, then he'll be invited back for the sequel no doubt.




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