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White House Down trailer looks fun

WhiteHouseDown.jpgAfter watching Olympus has Fallen I wasn't really expecting much from White House Down other than a copy that had bigger explosions and effects set pieces, after all this is a Roland Emmerich film. While this new trailer says very squarely that there are going to be loads of similarities, it also sets itself apart really well.

The other interesting thing is we're getting a heroic fighting President who shoots guns and rocket launchers.WHD versus OHF

I must admit that part of the trailer did raise a little negativity with me, we're getting that all can do heroic Air Force One type President, however there's also some humour injected in there and the fact that it looks like he's not as heroic as we might think - how can you lose a rocket launcher?

Yes there's a kid involved but there are other story aspects that are rather nice touches such as the bloke doesn't make it into the Secret Service, he's just there for a job interview which he will undoubtedly pass after the film is over.

Here's the new trailer for the film that sees one man fighting for and protecting the White House and the President. Remember this is directed by Roland Emmerich so expect things to be well over the top. Mind you it's written by James Vanderbilt so there might be a little more meat to it than we might first expect, and that's what we're seeing flashes of in the trailer.

Here is the trailer for White House Down through TrailerAddict:





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