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Robin Wright in fascinating The Congress trailer

RobinWright.jpgWow. There are two parts to this trailer, one is a fascinating and intriguing idea that seems to expose the actress Robin Wright and highlight the whole issue of ownership of one's image and self in Hollywood, and the other is a rather strange film that, well I'm not sure where it's going to go.

I much prefer the first half of the trailer which hints at just how brave Robin Wright is, as well as being a fantastic actress and even more beautiful than ever.

There's a great cast for the film The Congress which is set to be shown at Cannes very soon with general release dates to come, including Harvey Keitel, Danny Huston, Paul Giamatti, Frances Fisher, Kodi Smit-McPhee and of course Robin Wright.

Boy, that opening scene, as brief as it is, manages to get to me so easily. The tone of the short speech from Keitel and the tears from Wright manage to affect you so quickly when so often trailers just race over your head in their short lifespan.

I always liked Robin Wright and with her performance in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (Filmstalker review) she just blew me away at how great an actress she is. Okay I do have a crush on her, apologies for that, but there's no doubting her talent and presence on screen, reason enough to see a film with her starring.

However what really does grab the attention here is the opening half of the trailer that presents the problem of ownership of image and self in Hollywood, what studio executives might like and what actors and actresses struggle with both internally and externally every day.

I really find films that explore that idea fascinating but the second half of the trailer moves on from this and may begin to explore ideas around self and perhaps even artificial intelligence.

The film is adapted from the novel The Futurological Congress ( / ) from author Stanislaw Lem who you might realise wrote the novel Solaris ( / ) which has been made into two films, one Russian, one Hollywood. That in itself is a reason for the story and the suggestions of theme but then add in the writer and director Ari Folman who delivered Waltz with Bashir.

The trailer which comes through JoBlo looks very interesting, see what you think:




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