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Pacific Rim WonderCon trailer

PacificRim.jpgThere's a fantastic trailer for Pacific Rim that's been released and it shows off exactly what the film is about, big robots battling big creatures and nowhere is it better summed up than when we see a robot dragging a trawler behind it and then picking it up to swing it against the head of an equally massive creature like a big bat.

The trailer shows off the spectacle and the effects of the film, but does it give us more of the story? Well a little tease but not much more.

From what I had heard before about Pacific Rim through trailers and blurbs it was clear that humanity was going to suffer greatly from the attack of these creatures and our resilience plays a major part in our coming back from the brink and finding a way to stand against the invasion, using the giant robots.

However this trailer suggests that the fall and rise of humanity comes after the robots are used, in fact it's almost suggesting that the robots fail first time around.

There's also something I might not have picked up on before, perhaps you did, that the two pilots join through their memories? What's that about? I didn't notice that story quirk until now, perhaps I've just missed it before but that seems quite a strange detail doesn't it? Just using that phrase through their memories does seem to be setting itself differently to just through their minds.

Anyway, something to ponder on, let's get to that trailer through TrailerAddict shall we?




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