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Nymphomaniac campaign to win audiences

Nymphomaniac.jpgA few posters and shots have been coming out from Lars von Trier's upcoming films entitled Nymphomaniac, films which are already courting controversy well before we see them on screen, and all because they're about sex.

To win audiences over there's going to be a steady eight month media campaign that begins right about now, and that campaign looks set to try and change the way we may be thinking of the films.

The controversy is really around the fact that the two films will follow the sexual life of a woman who is a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac and will be offered in two versions, a general release version and the uncut, adult only version which will feature sexual acts sometimes performed by the actors themselves.

Immediately you can see the shouts across America about pornography and how the actors and actresses will be labelled, after all it would seem as though the film is just leaping into the adult industry, however the media campaign looks set to try and tackle that feeling.

You can see from the poster above, and admittedly it is only the first poster, that they are portraying something with a lot more subtlety and style than some areas are having us believe. Of course you can be guaranteed that no amount of marketing will sway some sections of the media and of religious groups. If only he was shooting and decapitating people they would have kept quiet but sex? Heaven's above.

I actually think that the direction this poster takes is a strong one for the film although it might not be the whole campaign considering the still that was released from the production showing a topless, but covered, Charlotte Gainsbourg standing between two also topless men. That image was definitely going for the full on core of the film, no holds barred.

Regarding the poster, two people who developed the campaign for the film, Phillip Einstein Lipski and Maria Biilmann, said that they intend the poster to…

“…distill the intimacy and the obscenity of the film down to its simplest form. A form we hope will engage the audience in the universe of Nymphomaniac -- one sexy piece of artwork at a time."

I expect that they intend much more of the marketing material to follow to do just that and try and win over as much of the mainstream audience as they can.

An official site has started up too, The Hollywood Reporter tells us, that currently has a link telling us to come back nearer the date of the trailer release, 16th of May, when I'm sure a lot of people will do just that.

The film has gathered an amazing cast considering the level of material in it and the acts that many of them will be asked to perform, but I suspect this will be a ground breaking film, and for those of us not disgusted by the natural act of sex, it might turn out to be a success too. Even if people are going to see just how far some of these Hollywood stars will go and if they used a body double or not!




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