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New Riddick trailer reveals much more

Riddick.jpgStill it does look a lot like Pitch Black and while that's not a bad thing, we needed to move a little in that direction after Chronicles of Riddick, I wonder if it's gone too far, after all it does almost look identical in a lot of story beats to Pitch Black.

Yet the trailer for Riddick is really good and I like it, even if I think I should be more annoyed at the similarities to the original.

The plot for Riddick is simple. Riddick is left on a barren, sun dried planet that seems utterly lifeless, until that is the lights go out and the aliens arrive. From the trailer it would seem that it is similar to a planet we've seen before where the night isn't as common as we'd expect and when it does come the creatures of the planet awake and pose a threat to anything else living.

Riddick finds an emergency beacon and activates it knowing full well that mercenaries will arrive to take him back, probably dead. They do, and he finds his ticket off of the planet, as long as he can get rid of the mercenaries and the creatures. Thankfully there's a nice, potentially friendly, short blond haired lady on the crew.

No, it doesn't sound familiar at all does it? The film was written and directed by David Twohy who directed Pitch Black and co-wrote the script and wrote and directed The Chronicles of Riddick. Obviously Vin Diesel is back along with Karl Urban, Katie Sackhoff, Jordi Mollà, Bokeem Woodbine and Dave Bautista.

So here's the trailer through TrailerAddict for the Pitch Black remake, I mean Riddick:

It does look good doesn't it? Yet it isn't that far away from the original Riddick adventure. Not in the trailer anyway.



This is the worst kind of trailer, it gives away the entire movie sequentially. I have no reason to watch this now.



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