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New details on The Crow remake

TheCrow.jpgIt's more than just some details though, the news is that there's a director on board the project and that means that The Crow remake really is going ahead, and that's s surprise considering the up and down nature of the project.

However with a director on board we should see the film moving forward, but that will bring up the usual questions and uncertainty about making another Crow film.

F. Javier Gutiérrez is the man who has been tasked with recreating The Crow, or rather restarting it with a new take to separate it clearly from the previous film, and he's a relatively new director. He does have the film Before the Fall (Tres Días) to his name and that received a lot of positive notice but will he appease the fan base?

Deadline has the news that Gutiérrez has taken up the role and remind us that he's also producing a couple of upcoming films that will raise his profile even further. Perhaps he's got the talent to turn around this project that has struggled so many times before.

There's nothing else to tell about The Crow reboot, we just have to wait and see if they're sticking with the last script they had or going for a new one, I think the latter, and who will pick up the lead role. I suspect that last piece of news will bring the most controversy.




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