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Iron Man 3 writer tackling Mission: Impossible IV

MI-GhostProtocol.jpgA writer has been found for Mission: Impossible IV and it's one of the writers from the recent Iron Man 3 film who also wrote on Pacific Rim. The scale of both films fits well with the scale required for Mission: Impossible IV but it's not all about action.

It also suggests that the rumoured director might have more time to fit the film in with his own schedule, a schedule that has just grown with writing and directing duties on a remake of Ice Station Zebra.

We previously heard that Christopher McQuarrie was writing and directing a remake of Ice Station Zebra which seemed a great project for him and for us to see, and with that there was a rumour of him being asked to direct the upcoming Tom Cruise film Mission: Impossible IV.

Perhaps now they've found a writer it would give McQuarrie the space to work on his own film first, at the same time it might put the two films in contention and he would have to choose between them. Mind you with Cruise asking to join the massive franchise, would you say no?

The story from The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Drew Pearce is the writer that has signed up to deliver the script for Mission: Impossible IV and that seems to fit quite well with the scale of Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim, two scripts that Pearce was involved in but didn't write alone. Again that might be good for McQuarrie who could co-write as well as direct.

It is guesswork and hopeful thoughts at the moment though for all we know is that the film is on, Cruise is on and the writer is on board. I think that McQuarrie will join the film and then we can hope that he'll get involved in the writing and not just deliver something visually spectacular but also something strong in the mind.




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