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Hummingbird trailer suggests more drama

Hummingbird.jpgAs there are a few new trailers out there, here's a new one for Hummingbird, the latest Jason Statham film that so far has appeared as not that much of a step away from some of his action films. This trailer changes that a little and injects more drama into it along with some strong media quotes.

The film is written and directed by Steven Knight who, you might remember, wrote Eastern Promises (Filmstalker review), Amazing Grace and Dirty Pretty Things. This film marks his first feature outing as director.

The story for Hummingbird goes like this:

Living homeless after going on the run from a military court-martial, Joey Jones (Jason Statham) is a damaged ex-special forces soldier trapped in London's criminal underworld. But when opportunity enables him to assume another man's identity, he is transformed into an avenging angel.

The new trailer still features most of the scenes we've already, well seen, but there's a stronger sense of the dramatic and perhaps a little social commentary creeping in the second half. Some of the media quotes suggest that there's a lot more weight to this film than you might first expect, and that's a good thing to be seeing from Jason Statham.

Here's the trailer which comes through TrailerAddict:

I think that looks pretty interesting and worth a shot. Why isn't it getting more press than it is though? Expect a 28th June release for the UK, through May and June it's been released in a number of European countries.




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