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Hillary Clinton biographical film gains director

HillaryClinton.jpgHere's an interesting idea, a biographical film of someone whose life is still untold. By that I don't meant that they aren't dead yet but it's clear that there could still be something still rather amazing to come out of their life, so why go for a film on their life before the story is told?

Hillary Clinton is the person that's going to get a biographical film before her time and what's more is that the film is set for release around the time she might be running a Presidential campaign, and frankly if she doesn't then I think America is a worse place for it.

The script comes from the 2012 Hollywood Black List of scripts which means that a lot of studio executives really liked it, or rather their assistants did, but they just didn't like it enough to make it back then. Now though they do and Young Il Kim's script looks like it's going to get made.

The film is currently being called Rodham and there's a reason why someone would be wanting to make a film about her before potentially one of the biggest moments of her life, that of a possible Presidential campaign, it's because the film is set to look at a distinct period earlier in her life.

It's often a reason why biographical films are made of someone before their real life story is complete, because rather than telling the full story it concentrates on a specific section of their life, one that can become a self-enclosed, stand-alone story. That's when these types of biographical films work, but will it work in the case of Hillary Clinton?

The story is to be set some twenty years in the past when she was an up and coming lawyer in the House Judiciary Committee which was, at the time, impeaching Richard Nixon, and she has to choose between this role or her former boyfriend Bill Clinton who is teaching law in Arkansas.

Here's a blurb that The Wrap through First Showing have pulled out of the Black List to tell us more about the story:

"During the height of the Watergate scandal [in the 1970s], rising star Hillary Rodham is the youngest lawyer chosen for the House Judiciary Committee to Impeach Nixon, but she soon finds herself forced to choose between a destined path to the White House and her unresolved feelings for Bill Clinton, her former boyfriend who now teaches law in Arkansas."

Looking at the idea of the story it does seem as though it would be a very poignant one particularly considering when it's going to be released, for according to The Telegraph the film is going to be released around 2016, just when she could be running for President. That's not been confirmed or denied by her yet, but if she is the story of her decision to put her career on hold and follow her husband to be or not is going to be a powerful moment.

However it does sound just that, a moment. I don't really see a big story from start to finish here and while it might be poignant if a Presidential race is on the go if it isn't then what is the story really telling us? The power here is that she gave up her promising career to be with Bill Clinton and to pursue his dream isn't it?

Frankly I'd prefer to see a story that tells this story and looks at mirrors it with her decision to run for President, now that would be a good story but not one that can be released until after she announces if she's running or not. It's either that or we see the story of her campaign reflecting back to these times, but just that decision?

Right now, going on what we know, it's going to sound rather a small story whether she runs or not, and either way it could be taken in a negative way, giving up something she could have had or not being able to realise her dream because she gave it up for Mr Clinton.

Interestingly The Wrap says that "the media", which ironically it is part of, often shouts about the lack of strong female roles for Hollywood actresses however the story as it's told here doesn't seem to be that strong for her, the real strength is yet to come surely.

The relatively new director James Ponsoldt is set to take the helm on the film, he directed Smashed, and the reports are that the production is looking for a leading actress to take the role before heading off to studios with the project.t then what is the story really telling us? The power here is that she gave up her promising career to be with Bill Clinton and to pursue his dream isn




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