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Guys and Dolls remake really happening

GuysandDolls.jpgMarch 2006, that's when I first wrote about the possibility of a remake of Guys and Dolls, the wonderful 1955 musical starring the unlikely pairing of Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra vying for the Samaritan played by Jean Simmons. It's a fantastic musical and it seemed rather fitting that the initial rumour was that the remake would star Vin Diesel.

Still, it was a rumour and a longshot. More names were to come but it's never made it to production, it's been close but never happened. Now it looks like it will be, we have the latest two leads rumoured for the film and the studio have the rights, all it needs is a writer and director, and the cash.

We've heard the story that Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are the two men who the producers want to take the leads but without a director I would think that's a bit premature. First the project needs a writer.

It was in March 2006 that we first heard that there was a remake of the film version of the musical Guys and Dolls planned and back then it was Vin Diesel who was being rumoured as looking to one of the leads and unsurprisingly it was the one that Marlon Brando played. It was just a hope at that stage and the idea of the remake had been going on for some time before then.

Next up, not long after, there was talk of Hugh Jackman looking at one of the leads, wouldn't he be great for taking the role that Frank Sinatra played?

Then we were being told that Patrick Swayze was next for consideration for the film, well the rumoured consideration anyway, and then the project went quiet.

May 2009 came along and the news was that Guy Ritchie would be directing the remake. To be honest the news was actually from a UK tabloid that had a source who overheard him and Jason Statham chatting about the idea, but when you read the quote it sounded more like they were sinking a good few pints and having a complete laugh.

Not so as we soon found out that Justin Timberlake was next in line for the rumour mill from a similar unnamed source through the same tabloid. Mind you as much as they were joking there was something that was rather interesting about the idea. Jason Statham and Justin Timberlake directed by Guy Ritchie?

It was a mere few days later that the truth came out. Ritchie wasn't, and had no intention of, remaking Guys and Dolls. All those exciting and hilarious rumours were worse than that, they were just made up.

January 2010 and the sad news came that Jean Simmons had died, and despite the expected news to follow that some studio was leaping on the idea of a remake, it never happened. Thankfully.

First Showing now have the story that 20th Century Fox now have the rights to Guys and Dolls and that means a remake is coming. No writer, no director, and the desire to see Tatum and Gordon-Levitt becoming the on-screen pair who are running an illegal operation betting on if one of them can capture the heart of a local saint of a woman.

Frankly I'm not so keen on the idea of these two taking the leads, they just don't feel right. I'd love to see some of the previous names pulled in, and for all you might laugh the idea of Timberlake and Jackman isn't that crazy after all is it?




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