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Cruise confirms old news for M:IV

TomCruise.jpgOfficial word has arrived that Tom Cruise will be in Mission: Impossible V. Unsurprising since I wrote on the 18th of last month that Cruise himself announced it on British television.

Anyway it's now official and the press release has no information yet on a writer or director but they do say that Bad Robot, Cruise and Paramount are developing the film.

The Paramount Pictures President Brad Grey released this statement:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tom on 'Mission:Impossible' once again…The last installment of the Mission series was the biggest in the life of this franchise. Tom has been at the heart of its success and we look forward to his great talent, and the continued global appeal for another Mission, to drive fans around the world to the next chapter of this series.”

That was in the official press release from the production that comes through Deadline.

Indeed, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (Filmstalker review) was a corker of a film I thought and brought the franchise to new heights, in fact neither it nor Tom Cruise showed any signs of slowing down.

I wrote about the fact that Tom Cruise had announced on British television that he was working on the fifth instalment and that they were at the scripting stage, no one seemed to believe him until now. He's a powerhouse in Hollywood and I wouldn't doubt a word he said (a film related word that is).

So while we await the announcement of a writer and director we can be assured that there's a writer working on it now, after all Cruise told us and some three weeks ago he told us that Mission: Impossible V was being developed with him involved.




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