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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters trailer, they've made another

PercyJacksonSeaofMonsters.jpgI was rather surprised that they've made another Percy Jackson film, I hadn't really through that the original had made a lot of impact. The trailer for the new film looks like it's trying to make an impact though, and while it doesn't have the stellar cast that The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones does, it's trying to be as epic.

Mind you I was finding it very hard watching the trailer not to make comparisons with a number of other fantasy films of the same ilk, and I wasn't stretching to make them, they were leaping out through obvious characters and very similar scenes.

See if you can make out the same comparisons between Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and some other recent teen-friendly fantasy films, you might even see something in the blurb too.

The story for the film goes a little like this:

In this retelling of Rick Riordans book, "The Sea of Monsters", Percy Jackson, accompanied by his friends Annabeth Chase, Clarisse La Rue and Tyson, his half brother, goes on a journey to the Sea of Monsters to retrieve the Golden Fleece and save Camp Half-Blood.

The trailer that comes through TrailerAddict for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is right here:

It's not really tickling my taste buds.




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