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The Equalizer to get another new director

TheEqualizer.jpgThe last time I wrote about the film version of The Equalizer we heard that Denzel Washington was still attached to the project and that Rupert Wyatt was the next name on the list to join as director, but that has changed again.

Wyatt left a little while ago and now there's a suggestion that a director who has worked well with Washington in the past and is about to release a rather exciting action film reminiscent of Die Hard, could be joining the film to finally get it made.

Antoine Fuqua is the director who is being mentioned alongside The Equalizer film. You might remember him from directing Denzel Washington in the excellent Training Day.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter tells us that it's early days for speculation and it is worth noting that Fuqua is in early talks for the role, but I suspect Washington would be keen for him to direct as they've worked together so well before. Training Day was an excellent film with a superb performance from the star and the direction of The Equalizer film could take a darker, grittier path with Fuqua in charge, something that the original series and the character did try to do.

You can read more about the history of the project and the names that have gone through the wringer for this film in the previous article on Filmstalker, there's no need repeating it once again.

However it is worth mentioning the original story from the series because the article also reveals something about the plot we're expecting for the film.

Originally the character of Robert McCall was a retired secret operative for an intelligence agency within the government. He was as much a doer as a planner, but much more the man who got things done and in later years he felt as though his hands were soiled. Seeking redemption for himself he sought out others with problems and offered to help them when no one else could, often crossing paths with people and organisations he had previously met.

I loved that aspect of the character, the idea of him trying to right his own wrongs through the act of helping out others, trying to balance the scales if you like. In the film version it's not so clear if this is going to be the case as the article says the plot will see the character…

…living a quiet life while working at a Home Depot when one of his acts of kindness gets him embroiled with the Russian mob.

It might be, it might not be. I hope that this is the same style of character and that we're going to see him doing what he did in the series but with a much more modern slant, and if he is then to deliver that gritty and realistic tone Antione Fuqua and Denzel Washington sound like a great pairing.




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