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In God We Trust trailer plays powerfully

InGodWeTrust.jpgEleanor Squillari leads us through this trailer for In God We Trust telling the story of how she began to help the FBI investigate her boss for twenty-five years Bernie Madoff, the man who was arrested for his $65 billion fraud scheme.

What's interesting is how she never really knew anything about it and when she did, when she realised what had happened and what she had been a part of, she began going through all the information she had to try and help the FBI.

The documentary is written and directed by Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek who are both making their debuts in those roles for the film, a film that looks as though it has an interesting take to offer.

Here's a blurb that comes through Deadline which is released in America in April:

Eleanor Squillari served as Bernie Madoff's personal secretary for 25 years but had no idea her boss was perpetrating the greatest white-collar crime of all time. Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek's documentary In God We Trust tracks her quest to help the Feds investigate Madoff's $65 billion scheme in the days and months following his arrest.

The trailer does offer a high level of intrigue and sets up more like a real life thriller than a straight documentary, and I think that's a good thing. Here is the trailer for In God We Trust:




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