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Hummingbird trailer, more Statham

Hummingbird.jpgJason Statham seems to be turning a little more serious in this trailer for the film Hummingbird. There's much less action and one on many fighting sequences, although they are there because you do need them with the Stath, and much more brooding and storyline. This I like.

I know some consider Jason Statham just an action star, although that's no bad thing, but if you've seen The Bank Job then you'll know the guy can act and offer more than just the action. Let's hope Hummingbird delivers that.

I'd like to see Jason Statham get more of the more serious roles and move away from the full on action films, but then I don't want him to lose sight of the excellent action that he can deliver on screen. Every action star has to move on though, don't they? With all the old stars coming back perhaps it makes sense for him to find something new, the action genre is getting crowded.

Here's the blurb for Hummingbird:

Jason Statham as a haunted former soldier who assumes the identity of an upper class Londoner. When his girlfriend is murdered, he's forced to confront his past as he hunts down those responsible.

It's an interesting story and the trailer through and Deadline delivers the story well and shows us tha the action Statham is still there too. Let's see what you think:

The film is written and directed by Steven Knight who has written and is currently directing Locke with Tom Hardy, he's also written on films such as Eastern Promises (Filmstalker review), Amazing Grace and Dirty Pretty Things.




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