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Monsters University trailer underwhelms

MonstersUniversity.jpgYou know if this wasn't the Monsters Inc. sequel I really wouldn't have bothered writing about the trailer, as it is this is going to be a "post" rather than an article as I really can't get excited about it, and that could be because of the trailer more than the film itself.

I loved Monsters Inc. and the idea of Monsters University was an appealing one, after all the characters were hilarious in the original film and the story was new and refreshing. I'm not sure this new film will be.

Monsters University is actually a prequel to Monsters Inc. as we see the characters in University training to be who we see them become in the previous film. Did I just really over complicate that sentence?

It's an okay trailer but there aren't any huge laughs for me and it didn't capture me back into the original love of the characters.

Here's the trailer for the film which comes through Deadline, and thanks for the adverts across the YouTube trailer - I hate overlay adverts, they're cheap and incredibly intrusive, just like pre-site complete page adverts, pop-ups over the main text or auto-play video adverts.

I thought on YouTube you could only place overlay adverts if you owned the content, does that trailer come from Disney then? Do they need more money?

Anyway, back on track, here's the underwhelming trailer for Monsters University.




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