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Jack the Giant Slayer final dramatic trailer

JacktheGiantSlayer.jpgI was just speaking about how I wasn't hugely excited for Jack the Giant Slayer despite the director and the big cast, and then I saw this trailer and all my fears about the CG and the excitement levels were banished.

This new, and reportedly final, trailer for Jack the Giant Slayer delivers a much better feel and a much more dramatic one, and as for any concerns about CG just watch some of these scenes.

I was concerned myself, thinking that the CG might overwhelm the film but it blends in superbly well and nowhere better as when we see the giant in the background and the man running towards camera in the foreground, as the giant reacts you really do get the feeling of reality and scale, something that carries through the rest of the trailer too.

It looks Bryan Singer is on form judging from this trailer from Apple Trailers through TrailerAddict, see what you think of it, were you excited by the previous Jack the Giant Slayer trailers?




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