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Black Mirror episode becoming film

BlackMirror.jpgThe second series of the Channel 4 imaginative show Black Mirror has just recently begun and it follows a first series that was exciting, ingenious, satirical, intriguing, political and at times disgusting. It was one of the best written and conceived series I watched with some extremely clever ideas, even some ideas borrowed from elsewhere which were viewed in a new and exciting way.

It seems we in Britain weren't the only ones to notice this though as Robert Downey Jr.'s production company as taken out an option on one of the episodes of the first series called The Entire History of You with a view to adapting the idea into something a little different.

I found the power of the episode of Black Mirror, The Entire History of You written by Jesse Armstrong, was in the story behind the futuristic technology, a husband who is experiencing growing suspicions and paranoia about his wife having an affair, the science fiction side of this is that it's set in the future and people have small devices implanted inside their head that records everything they experience, allowing them to replay them to themselves and to others.

This is where the jealous husband really starts pushing things as he replays recordings he has made time and time again, analysing conversations and meetings to fuel his paranoia. It's a cleverly created idea that is delivered superbly well with Toby Kebbell as the jealous husband and Jodie Whittaker as the suspected wife with Kebbell giving an excellent performance.

Here's a trailer for the episode, it just begins to give you a taste of the excellent episode.

The story from The Hollywood Reporter through The Guardian tells us that the plans for the Hollywood version of the film are going off in a different direction and my concern there is that it's losing the heart and power of the story, that being the jealousy and how it grows and destroys relationships and lives.

The story tells us that the current idea will see a widower who uses a similar technology to keep hold of the memories of his wife and in the process uncovers a conspiracy which then throws us into standard thriller territory.

Interestingly Jesse Armstrong will be writing the film screenplay so perhaps that strength will continue forward to the big screen version and not get lost in the standard action thriller fare. Armstrong also wrote on the television series Veep, Fresh Meat, The Thick of It, and the films Four Lions (Filmstalker review) and In the Loop.

I do hope that it keeps the heart of it all and doesn't lose itself in the technology and the science fiction just trying to give a different sheen to a standard action thriller story.




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