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Soderbergh's Side Effects new trailer

SideEffects.jpgThe Steven Soderbergh directed and Scott Z. Burns written film Side Effects has a new trailer but it still isn't that clear on the story. There are hints there but we're not getting the full plot, yet. That may be a good thing of course as we never want too much given away, but at the same time what's presented in the trailers could be going a number of different ways.

What is selling the film through is Soderbergh directing, Burns writing and the cast including Jude Law, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Channing Tatum. Burns and Soderbergh, as did Law, last worked together on Contagion which was a rather effectively scary thriller.

The new trailer for Side Effects does tell us this, a woman is on a new form of prescription medicine that seems to be working fine for her until something goes terribly wrong and her prescribing doctor is pulled into the fray. There are a number of shady goings on hinted at in the trailer, a dead and bloody body, secret photos of the woman in her underwear shown to a confused husband, the doctor distressed at being the first one called to her defence instead of her lawyer where she looks to be the perpetrator of the crime and the suggestion that the doctor has been doing something rather immoral and illegal.

Despite the trailer not giving away that much it does look as though it will be a strong thriller, and with the talent involved I'm definitely putting this on the Filmstalker watch list, you should put it on yours too.

Here's the TrailerAddict supplied trailer for Side Effects:




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