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Evil Dead safe for all trailer

EvilDead.jpgThe new trailer for the new version of Evil Dead is a safe for all version, well it's still spooky, creepy and contains some scenes of horror but all the nastiness is cut out of it and yet it remains really effective, I think mainly down to the music that it is cut to.

It does look a lot like the trailer we saw prior to the eighteen only trailer being released but there's definitely more footage and a better selection of it, this is perhaps the trailer to sell the film on.

What I particularly like about this new trailer is that it doesn't feel like it's pulling any punches and delivering a level of humour however dark it might be, this feels like an all out horror film from the very beginning, and rightfully so.

I wonder if this new Evil Dead is going to outdo the old, or at least will it excite new audiences to the idea of Evil Dead? Mind you judging from the trailer they might get a surprise if they go back to look at the old Evil Dead films after this one!

Here is the new trailer for Evil Dead that comes through TrailerAddict, and remember it is a horror film but this trailer isn't filled with blood and gore, it's still scary stuff though:




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