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BAFTA EE Rising Star 2013 Nominations

BAFTA.jpgThis year the BAFTAs have changed hands, no not the awards but the funding behind them, so gone is the Orange moniker and welcome the Kevin Bacon led campaigns for the EE sponsored BAFTA Rising Star award. That, if you don't know, is the award given out to breaking talent in the film industry.

There's been a growing rumble about this award in the last few years as it was thought to signify new talent, however more and more we're seeing names that already have a number of films under their belt and could be said to have already broken, this year is no different.

The BAFTA EE Rising Star Nominees from 2012 for 2013 are:

Elizabeth Olsen
Andrea Riseborough
Suraj Sharma
Juno Temple
Alicia Vikander

You did read that right, Andrea Riseborough and Juno Temple, you've probably never heard of them, they are rising stars however. Apparently.

Elizabeth Olsen entered film with the remake Silent House in 2011 and followed quickly by Martha Marcy May Marlene, surely that year was her rising star year? 2012 was a quieter year for her although she starred in Red Lights but this year she has leading roles in Kill Your Darlings, Very Good Girls, Therese Raquin and the much talked about Oldboy remake. Okay then, maybe 2013 is a big year for her, but 2011 holds the two big roles that got her noticed.

Andrea Riseborough first appeared in film in 2006 in a small part in Venus, she followed that with Magicians in 2007 and a larger role in Happy-go-lucky in 2008. She'd been doing television film roles at the same time and in 2008 even played Margaret Thatcher in Margaret Thatcher: The Long Walk to Finchley, now that should be a role to get noticed in, however it was 2010 when she starred in Never Let Me Go (Filmstalker review), Made in Dagenham and Brighton Rock, now that sounds like a breakthrough year.

2011 wasn't so hot for her with W.E. and Resistance but both were high up the cast list. Disconnect and Shadow Dancer (Filmstalker review) came in 2012, the latter of which was a cracking role for her and she delivered a fantastic performance. So what's coming on 2013? Well Welcome to the Punch and Hidden don't really say anything more to me than some of her previous roles, the obvious is her leading role in Oblivion next to Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. Is that the reason she's here? To me she should have been here in 2010.

Suraj Sharma has had one film role in Life of Pi now that's a rising star isn't it?

Juno Temple first hit film in 2000 in Pandemonium and she followed that with a role in Notes on a Scandal in 2006, Atonement and St. Trinian's in 2007, The Other Boleyn Girl and Wild Child in 2008, Year One, Cracks, Mr. Nobody, Glorious 39 and St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold in 2009. Wow, 2009 was a year for her.

Little Birds, The Three Musketeers and Killer Joe (Filmstalker review) brought roles for her in 2011 and the latter was a damn good leading role which she played wonderfully. 2012 included Jack and Diane and The Dark Knight Rises but 2013 certainly does promise a lot more with roles in Afternoon Delight, Magic Magic, Lovelace, Horns, Maleficent, M, Wild Side and Girls' Night Out, all films promising big cast lists with her well up there. Okay, 2013 is going to be a big year for her but 2009 or 2012 could equally be said to be her year.

Alicia Vikander first appeared on Swedish television in 2002 but her move to the big screen happened in 2009 to Swedish cinema. Her international appearance was with a smaller role in the 2012 film Anna Karenina. 2013 will see her appear in The Seventh Son and The Man Who Sold the World with another Swedish film Hotell. Indeed 2013 does look like her year.

I don't know about you but while it's clear that 2013 is going to be a big year for all these stars, some may have already had their "rising star" year.

Mind you the panel are quick to say that this isn't for brand new talent and an existing star can have a "rising star" year. I understand that, but are they allowed more than one year? What do you think of the nominees?

The great thing about the BAFTA EE Rising Star awards is the fact that you can vote for the winner, you don't have to leave it to the panel to decide who gets the award, so get voting, have your say.

Just head over to the BAFTA EE Rising Star official voting page and choose your winner.




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