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Abrams to direct Star Wars: Episode VII

StarWars.jpgThe director who has just delivered the last two Star Trek films and rebooted the franchise with a completely new universe and timeline has just been assigned to Star Wars. It would seem that J.J. Abrams has finished his work on Star Trek and will move across to the new Star Wars film for Disney.

He doesn't have much to live up to considering the first three films, but he has put some pressure on himself in that he can't deliver the same style that he just did with Star Trek, fans wouldn't have it would they?

Well the reaction seems relatively excited and positive so far, J.J. Abrams directing the next Star Wars film surely means nothing but good news and I'm sure he's dead excited about it. What better accolade for a director to have reworked two major film franchises like Star Trek and now Star Wars? His inner geek will be screaming with excitement at the prospect.

Of course the jokes have been coming thick and fast and it's easy for people to make puns about it at this early stage but let's try and look at the idea rationally for a moment.

The biggest issue he will face is that he cannot make Star Wars feel like Star Trek and that futuristic look he delivered for much of the film will have to be very different when he leaps universes. I know there are plenty of jokes popping up about lens flare but it's actually a good point, that stylistic choice will have to be out the window, he'll have to work at a different look and feel and not carry anything noticeable across from Trek to Wars.

One thing he has in his favour though is that the previous films weren't exactly the best in the series. Episodes I through III did get better as they went but they were still lacking in the overall franchise. Surely there's only upwards to go for Abrams and his Star Wars.

Looking at his previous films we know it will be filled with mystery, tension and lots of excitement not least of all visually, it will be a great ride and he's not afraid to attempt new things, again let's look back to what he did with Star Trek - the old crew rejuvenated as young characters in an alternative universe, restarting such a huge series took a lot of guts and he not only bought the studio into it he also pulled it off.

The first new Star Wars film Star Wars: Episode VII, for there will be three to begin with it seems, will be written by Michael Arndt who wrote Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3, Oblivion and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and mixing his writing with Abrams styling will be very interesting to see, least not for the franchise itself.

Still, I think it will be clear from Abrams Star Wars that it is Abrams Star Wars and we'll have to wait some time to hear something from the production and when we do it will be tightly controlled to keep that secret in the box.

Cripes, he's not going to reboot Star Wars as well is he? Oh no, they've done the young Vader, and that didn't work out so well.




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