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Second Michael Hutchence film in development

MichaelHutchence.jpgI talked about a Michael Hutchence film just the other day, actually I laid down the history of all the attempts at a Michael Hutchence film that I've talked about before and this latest attempt. With that latest news though came news of another film about his life "in the works" as they say.

While the first production I've talked about has the book written by Hutchence's sister and mother as its source material, there's not so much talk of what's behind the second project, but they have worked with Hutchence before.

The production that I wrote about is Two Worlds Colliding and is being adapted by Bobby Galinsky from the book Just A Man - The Real Michael Hutchence ( / ) which is written by Hutchence's sister Tina and his mother Patricia Glassop. There's a little more information about the production too, apparently the producers are confident that they will gain the approval of the members of INXS and the management, and that would mean full rights to the music too.

You can read more about various rumours over the years about a Michael Hutchence biographical film in the previous article as well as more details about Bobby Galinsky's film.

According to the Deadline article though there is another active project and this one comes from producers Sue Murray and director Richard Lowenstein who worked on a film in 1986 called Dogs in Space which actually starred Michael Hutchence, so there's a connection there.

According to the producer Sue Murray their project is based on Lowenstein's friendship and time working with Michael Hutchence as well as extensive research and interviews with his family.

That said though it doesn't seem to have such great source material as the other project, Two Worlds Colliding, after all the book written by sister and mother would suggest a lot more personal and inside information than anything else.

Apparently this project is late on in production and the suggestion is that it's closer to a reality than any other, mind you we've been here before and it still might not happen, and even projects with the better source material have often not made it to the finish line first.

The good news though is that Hutchence films are still being pushed forward, it may yet happen.




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