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McQuarrie for Mission:Impossible V?

ChristopherMcQuarrie.jpgMission: Impossible IV aka Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol was an excellent film and one of the best and most exciting of the franchise. It proved that there was life in the series and in Tom Cruise leading it, lots of life and lots of box office success.

It seems that the studio and the backers have seen that too and we're going to see a fifth film as word arrives of who might be the one to direct the film and according to the rumour he's the choice of J.J. Abrams and Tom Cruise.

It is a rumour at the moment but it sounds like it could be a decent one, after all this man has worked with Tom Cruise before writing Valkyrie and the upcoming Jack Reacher, not to mention the writing work on All You Need is Kill and Top Gun 2 as well as his uncredited work on a certain Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (Filmstalker review) film and the fact that he also directed Jack Reacher.

Got it yet? Well according to Deadline the director is Christopher McQuarrie is the man who is being looked to for the directing role on Mission: Impossible V. To be honest the work won't be a lot different to Jack Reacher, just with more technology.

Apparently the announcement will wait until they've found writers for the film. Well why not just ask McQuarrie? He is an excellent thriller writer after all. Actually he will undoubtedly be working on the script.

Whoever the writers are the project won't be delivered quickly, the production companies behind this one are led by J.J. Abrams and Cruise and they won't be wanting to leap into it and deliver a half hearted Mission: Impossible that doesn't live up to the last one, and let's face it, that's a hell of a bar to match never mind beat.

I can see Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and team back for another outing, in fact I can see them back for a few yet, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol (Filmstalker review) did nothing to flatten my excitement for the series and in fact did everything to build it up.




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