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The Revisionaries trailer reveals the madness in American education

TheRevisionaries.jpgThere are two things that have stayed with me from the trailer of The Revisionairies and both were comments from the head of the Texas Board of Education one was that there were dinosaurs on Noah's Ark and the other was a direct quote: "I disagree with the experts, someone's got to stand up to the experts".

There are other powerful moments in the trailer that reveals the board trying to change the text books that are being given to their children in school, these are the revisionaries, and they are quite frankly mad.

Scott Thurman's documentary highlights something terrifying happenings in American education. Here's the blurb for The Revisionaries:

Once every decade, the 15 members of the Texas Board of Education meet in Austin to revise the state's textbook standards. Led by Don McLeroy, a Young Earth Creationist, Evangelical Christian, and beloved local dentist, the panel will debate and implement controversial new standards related to science, evolution, social studies, and American history that will ultimately go into effect in textbooks adopted by schools across the nation. Challenged by outspoken activist Kathy Miller, as well as Thomas Ratliff, a moderate conservative out to unseat him, McLeroy faces an uphill battle, with the fate of American education itself hanging in the balance.

First-time director Scott Thurman has captured a fascinating front-line snapshot of America's "culture wars," shining a deserved spotlight on this divisive and far-reaching process that puts sweeping power in the hands of a controversial few. Sure to be a conversation starter, The Revisionaries is a galvanizing peek behind the curtain at the politicization of education, and a microcosm of our politically and ideologically divided nation this election year.

It's terrifying, really. People whose beliefs fly in the face of facts and evidence trying to change the books that are being used to teach children their own agenda - if that was happening in another country one might suspect that the Western world would condemn it, brainwashing children for their own beliefs.

Here's the trailer for The Revisionaries which comes through TrailerAddict, a trailer after which you won't know whether to laugh or despair. One thing's clear though, if this was happening to a school that any of my family's children were at I'd be up in arms. I could of course get on the board and just write these people out of history.

I'm definitely watching out for this unfortunately it's not being seen outside of a couple of film festivals so far, here's hoping.




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