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Trailer for Gondry's The We and the I

TheWeandtheI.jpgThe concept for Michael Gondry's film The We and the I is an interesting one, and it's the reason that I feel drawn to the film, unfortunately I'm not sure if the trailer really is doing a decent enough job of keeping me there.

Still it has my interest from the opening concept, and reading a little bit about the story I am curious to see how it would play out and if it does provide for an engaging film.

While the film is classed as science fiction on the IMDB listing, it is actually a film that follows the group dynamics of group of school kids heading home on the bus for the final time before school breaks up. It looks at how the relationships change and develop as different characters leave the initially crowded bus and the journey home continues.

You have to admit that it does sound interesting, the question though is if the trailer for The We and the I will hold your attention and pull you into the cinema or not.

Here is that trailer which comes through Deadline:

What do you think? There are flashes of something interesting in some of the more personal moments, and I think the key will be if the film ends up having something to tell us, something to give us rather than just chronicling their journey home and their changing moods.




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