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Houston in Sparkle trailer

SparklePoster.jpgThere is obviously going to be a lot of talk about Whitney Houston in the film Sparkle, playing a mother of three daughters who are looking to make it big in music during the sixties as they form an all girl group who have bags of talent and are being seduced by the allure of fame.

Houston's character serves a cautionary tale to them warning them not to throw away their talent like she did, presumably her character will serve up a tale perhaps similar to her own real life one while the daughters will all be affected by their own fame in different ways and no doubt make mistakes similar to hers.

However that's not really the draw of the trailer for Sparkle which is Whitney Houston's last appearance in film and one that even in this short clip has some bittersweet moments.

"Was my life not enough of a cautionary tale for you?...I always knew you had the gift, it makes me feel I done something right, don't lose it."

Are just a few of the lines her character says in the trailer, and while they might not be spot on the money, they are enough to make you wonder if this film doesn't reflect a little bit more of Houston than it was expected to.

Of course there's not much to go on but her performance looks strong and we can talk about her faded voice and talent as much as we want but in a studio, worked on and edited, it sounds just as good in the trailer as it ever did.

There's more to the film than Houston though, Jordin Sparks, Carmen Ejogo, Tika Sumpter, Mike Epps, Derek Luke and Cee-Lo are the key names that appear alongside her in the trailer, and all look to be giving just as strong performances.

You know in a way I hope that their performances and the rest of the film isn't eclipsed by the final performance of Houston.

Here's the trailer for Sparkle which comes through , who have the trailer in high definition, and the L.A. Times:




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