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Twins sequel Triplets with Eddie Murphy?

Twins.jpgSeriously, has anyone watched an Eddie Murphy film of late? Thought not. Well he's not the comedian he once was, remember Beverly Hills Cop? Well that was 1984, twenty-eight years ago, and his run of films ended in the early nineties with a few exceptions of Shrek and acting prowess in Dreamgirls.

So it's surprising to hear that there might be a Twins sequel that's considering getting the old team together with Murphy, that's Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, both you'd probably think would know better.

Actually it's more than considering getting the old team back together, it's actually doing it, apparently the actors are already attached to star in the film, although I suspect if the two returning actors have any sense of self worth they'll have ensured that there's a clause in there to give them a get out if the script isn't good enough.

There's no word of that in the The Hollywood Reporter article that reveals the story, just that the studio are looking for a writer and director for the project and, according to the article's sources, Ivan Reitman who was the director of Twins is going to be producer on this project.

So let's get this right. The studio has already decided that the plot will be that there's another twin and that he's Eddie Murphy and that's all before they have a writer or director. Don't you love these studio controlled projects. Now they've decided on the plot, the core, and the actors, they can get in the creatives, you know the people who create the film.

Actually they do have one thing right, the level of comedy suits Murphy's career these days, but the charm of Twins might not work these days in Triplets.

I can see this will be a hit, can't you? I'm even surprised the team have decided to get back together. Mind you, we've seen it work with the action stars getting back together, could the comedy stars do the same and reclaim some previous glory? By comedy stars I'm obviously talking about...ermm...




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