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New Chronicle teaser excites

Chronicle.jpgNot sure what Chronicle is about yet? Well let's say that it currently looks and feels like Unbreakable but with three teenagers. The idea is that they find something incredible, are bestowed with powers, and slowly come to realise how to use them and develop them, and they're growing stronger.

One begins to head off in a different direction to the others, his point of view on the world changing as he realises just what he can do and how much different he is to normal people, and that's where the conflict begins.

The other two decide that they should police each other, and if any break the rules they'll come down hard on them.

In the new teaser for Chronicle we hear that those rules include using no using it in public, no using it on living things, and you can't use it when you're angry.

Sounds like it's got a great premise, and with the fact that there's a bit of first person footage in there and it's all filmed with the feel of a reality show, means that we're getting something that could turn out to be a fantastic superpower film. Unbreakable with teenagers.

I think Chronicle is going to be much more than that, and the teaser shows it as they escalate with their use of powers and the effects get better and better. Yet however big the sequences get, there's always that grounding in reality, and that's one of the reasons Unbreakable did so well and I think Chronicle could too.

Here's the new teaser which comes through Just Jared and First Showing, and you can see the old one right here on Filmstalker.

Josh Trank is directing and he previously directed episodes of the rather interesting The Kill Point meanwhile the not unknown Max Landis has written the script. This does look interesting.




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