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Happy Hogmanay and 2012 to you all

Fireworks.jpgHappy Hogmanay to you all! Today is the last day of 2011, and I might just try and skip out and see a film before it does end, perhaps The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, maybe Margaret, maybe even Sherlock Holmes which I haven't seen yet, who knows.

Of course come evening time it'll be steak and trimmings, nibbles, wine, and undoubtedly some fine single malts. I do hope you have some great things planned for the evening, even if it is just a night with the family or a few friends.

Tomorrow will be the tough day and is far more suited to sitting in front of the telly or a big screen watching a few films, drinking water and groaning quietly.

I hope that you've all had a good year, and that you have great things to come for the year ahead. I know I have a growing list already for 2012.

This year I have to apply myself to moving Filmstalker's back end to a new system, and that means a big migration. Nothing has hurt the site more this year than the restrictions the back end system has caused the site and attempts to upgrade the version of my own blog's back end has resulted in a broken and unusable site, something I just can't risk with Filmstalker. So it'll be goodbye to the old and hello to the new. A big migration, but one that has to be done this year.

Coming in the next few days will be a Filmstalker Films of 2012 with the usual January preview appearing tomorrow I should think, typed slowly and quietly!

Plus, if you haven't already, you can submit your own Top List for 2011 and have it published right here, Mark Buckley kicked it off and you can see the new ones arrive as they are posted and the previous years lists right here.

Let me just take this moment to say a huge thank you from me for reading Filmstalker, in whatever way you do, or listening to the Audiocasts, because it means a lot to me. Apart from Mark and Steven on the Audiocasts, who are brilliant by the way, Filmstalker is all me. There's no team behind it, there's no staff of writers and reviewers, and most importantly it's a non-profit site, in fact counting all the associated costs from travelling to hosting, I support the site too.

Why? Well because I love watching films and I love writing about them, more importantly I love feeling like I've helped people find the right films for them, and getting that feedback now and again makes it all worthwhile. Plus, I guess I do love a good discussion or debate.

So again, huge thanks for being part of Filmstalker in 2011, and I do hope you'll be here for 2012. Have a really safe and enjoyable Hogmanay, and here's to a fantastic 2012 for us all.




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