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Filmstalker Reader's Top Tens of 2011: Call for submissions

10FSReel.jpgHow fast has this year gone? Really fast is the answer. I can't believe we're here already, festive time is around the corner and the end of 2011 won't be far behind, then it's another year of fun, laughter and tears, some of which will be had in the cinema.

I'm off this weekend to write up my lists of 2011 and start the work on the 2012 preview, but I'm also issuing a call to arms to you all to submit your own Top Ten for 2011. It's easy to do and you get your article on Filmstalker, so why not join in?

Have a look at previous year's lists right here on Filmstalker and then have a crack at your own, it can be anything from best to worst, from actors to cars, from lines to music. Simply write up your list with an explanation for each one, and send it to me. It's that simple.

Last year the offerings were light but very good, here's a recap:

Chris Rushworth delivered his list along with his most disappointing of the year and his most anticipated for 2011, now that would be interesting to revisit now with titles from True Grit to Thor, Sucker Punch to Cars 2. Yes there may be a few interesting things to say on that now.

Matt Adcock had a list of the top taglines for 2010 from "Your mind is the scene of the crime" to "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies". A cracking list and there were stinkers along with some superb films in there, and with hindsight it's really interesting to see what the studios and marketing companies thought to put on their posters.

Mark Buckley always comes up with interesting ideas, and this year he delivered another cracker, a list of wishes for films from wishing some talent hadn't left us that year to things such as 3D should go away or is cinematic heroes would stop making naff adverts.

WeeTiger3 listed their top list and then went on to discuss films that didn't make the list either because they just missed it or just weren't any good, there was also a list of just the other's they'd seen.

Ram Solanki broadened our views again with his list of the top Indian films he'd seen that year, and as always it's a great list of films that we should pay more attention to. He closed his list with the comment: "...the next time you hear someone mention that Indian Cinema only does RomComs, do feel free to point them to this list.", and it's still a valid list to look at for a taste of India.

So what list will to do this year? Well just pick the obvious, your top ten films, or if you're feeling more creative then follow some of the examples above, either way get writing, and don't worry if someone else's top ten is similar to yours as you should write yours with your feelings an opinions on it, from anything as small as a line or two per entry to a paragraph, you can see the different lists that have come in from readers in the Filmstalker's Stalker's Top Ten lists page.

The email address for you to send your Top Tens into is below. Do have a look at a few from previous years, create your list, and add in a little thought behind each choice to personalise it, and if you want to write more, include images, anything, just let me know and I can fit that in and even help you with writing it or even deciding what to do for your list.

You can email your list to: . Here's to your Top Tens for 2011, get them in so I can start publishing them.




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