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Prometheus trailer now leaked suggests Alien prequel

Prometheus.jpgLast week a snippet of a teaser trailer for the upcoming Ridley Scott film Prometheus, the one that is but isn't a prequel to Alien, leaked online and coupled with a description revealed little about the film, although it did suggest that there was more to the Alien connection than was being made out.

Queue the photo spread released for the film and there are even more suggestions of Alien.

So it's no surprise to see another trailer leaked along with a description that suggests even more Alien prequel than anything else.

The story and video are being closed down by 20th Century Fox faster than you can see it at the moment and already the source of the story has been closed down, however if you want to you can search and find it.

I caught the video from AvPGalaxy through JoBlo, and while AvPGalaxy have lost the video as of writing JoBlo still had it live, however I would imagine that won't last long and you'll have to search for it.

However I would say that if you want to remain fresh for the surprises of the trailer then as usual, stay clear. Personally I don't think there are any spoilers and this is just adding to the excitement and hype, well it definitely is for me anyway.

Watching the footage for Prometheus and reading the bullet description that comes with it I am not surprised to see how closely it resembles an Alien prequel. While the story may have the team heading off to find the origin of life on Earth, the story unfolding in the trailer really does look like an Alien prequel.

There's what looks like Alien acid, the big spaceship from the first Alien, eggs galore in a chamber which is being called the ampule room, screaming and someone holding their space helmet as though they were in great distress and pain. That's what I could gleam from the trailer, the description suggests more.

The Prometheus trailer description has more of what I've written above, and the important description of a creature leaping from the insides of one character to another, just like a small Alien creature.

I don't doubt now that this is a direct Alien prequel, especially as we see what would appear to be the derelict spaceship from the first Alien film flying above the planet surface and then crashing, presumably to the resting place where it will be found in the first Alien film.

Do you think we've been had? Has Ridley Scott and his team managed to keep us all off the scent until now?

The music in the trailer, the voice at the beginning, and the words at the end suggest a very interesting idea as to why it all happens in the first place, and I'm hugely intrigued. Come on Fox, let's just see the full trailer released in high definition.

In the meantime, here are two YouTube versions which are sure to go fast.

If it disappears fast, which I expect it will, and you really do want to see it now in all its grainy splendour, then will help find a copy.

What do you think? Prometheus is definitely an Alien prequel isn't it?




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