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Prometheus photos reveal Alien connection?

Prometheus.jpgThere have been some photos released from the Prometheus film that are definitely the marketing promotional photographs we see released from films time and time again, but here there are some interesting shots, and one in particular that does bear a huge resemblance to something from Alien.

Actually there are two stills that scream Alien at me, and the rest are very strong on similarities but pushing home this big reveal about the origins of the human race, plus it comes with a nice comment from Ridley Scott to remind us that the connection will be noticeable, very much so.

"Fans of the original Alien will definitely notice some things, especially toward the end, but I really can't say any more than that."

Is what Ridley Scott is quoted as saying to Entertainment Weekly for their article on Prometheus which Bloody Disgusting have scanned images from, and they are great images.

Not to steal their thunder I shall place them here in small format but have them link right through to the article rather than rip them from them, which isn't very fair at all.

So, let's have a look at the first image from Prometheus I'm picking out, and you can see these in bigger format in the original article, but let me discuss the smaller ones here:

Bloody Disgusting have the Entertainment Weekly magazine scans

This first one takes a few moments to process, and is actually second to the one that is coming up, but it's the tease and starts us off nicely. You can see the Ridley Scott quote, but the key is what the two foreground people are looking at. Do you see it? It's an egg don't you think? The structure around them is very similar to what we might associate with the Alien architecture.

This picture is titled "Rapace and Kate Dickie (with Fassbender in the background) explore the Ampule room" - Ampule?

Oh, and I'm skipping over the shot of Charlize Theron in that tight suit. Still doesn't beat the stunning Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, but I digress!

Now for the biggie in my eyes:

Bloody Disgusting have the Entertainment Weekly magazine scans

Isn't that a corker? It shows the "Ampule room" in much more detail, revealing the huge face towering over all those jars, which could be housing eggs, especially considering the previous shot, which seems to be the follow up shot to this one.

The face above them could represent so many things, but it does look like an egg room doesn't it?

What's more is if you look up the meaning of the word ampoule, which you should be guessing is something medical and a container, it comes back with:

"ampoule (ampule U.S.) - a small sealed glass capsule containing a liquid, especially a measured quantity ready for injecting: an ampoule of adrenalin"

That's from the Oxford Dictionary. From Wikipedia we get something a little more:

"Historically ampoules were used to contain a small sample of a person's blood after death, which was entombed alongside them in many Christian catacombs. It was originally believed that only martyrs were given this burial treatment, but many believe that it was a widely-practiced tradition."

So it could contain an Alien egg, or it could contain DNA samples or something similar from other races, who knows? Right now I'm guessing. What do you think these images from Prometheus are telling us?



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