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Polanski's Carnage trailer online

Carnage.jpgA trailer for Roman Polanski's next film Carnage has appeared online and it's looking rather good. It does suggest that it will be more like a play with four strong actors and one location, and a ton of great acting. Well that's what the trailer suggests anyway.

The story is simple, the parents of two children who have been fighting at school decide to get together to have an adult discussion about their children and to try and find an amicable way forward. However their lives are exposed, their problems surface, and it goes the way of the title.

Not Carnage as in gory horror, but more in an emotional mess, and the trailer shows the break down rather well including some great moments between characters that shows some excellent dialogue, great performances and superb timing. I love the closing lines.

Carnage stars Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz and John C. Reilly, and I have to say it's great to list the two actresses above the actors for once as they are surely the biggest names and talents involved, and it is quite a surprise to see Reilly cast amongst them, but then there is a need for strong comic performances in here too.

The film comes from a play, unsurprisingly, from Yasmina Reza which she adapted along with Roman Polanski for the film that he has directed.

I think Carnage looks great, and having just been writing a review about a film that's much more like a play than a Hollywood feature, I'm glad to be seeing more of this type of film coming forward, especially when we have two great actresses like Winslet and Foster to drive the film.

Here's the trailer:



FYI, Reilly's known for years of dramatic work and was nominated for an Oscar and a Tony.

Film wise he does have a list of dramatic performances to his name, but he's most recognised for his comedic work in Hollywood films.

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