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No Transformers reboot, suggests less robots

Transformers.jpgJust last week some wild rumours were surfacing that Transformers would go the same way as other franchises do, the reboot route, and what's more the franchise lead was set to be replaced and we'd see Shia LaBeouf replaced by someone more suited to the action realm, someone like Jason Statham.

It seemed a pretty insane rumour and you would expect this film to have at least passed by DVD and Blu-ray release before there were screams of another trilogy or franchise, and producer Don Murphy agrees with that and suggests that it's not going to be all robots.

The rumour from last week regarding Jason Statham stepping into the franchise was way too early to be real, if they were talking a reboot of the franchise, even if it was just the focus of the films on the lead character, then they would surely wait until they box office excitement had settled on this film so it didn't detract from the money making it was doing.

I just didn't buy it, and neither does Don Murphy, although interestingly he doesn't address a potential change of lead actor. Speaking on his own site through /Film and MTV he says:

"What happens next? Certainly not a reboot...We haven't lost the Transformers. They didn't grow up or become expensive like Toby Maguire. I don't know what happens next. I'm pretty sure there will be a second trilogy. I am pretty sure it will kick ass. And I am pretty sure some of you will hate it because it wasn't all bots."

So what does that mean? Well the first thing to note is that he's saying that unlike Spider-Man the lead actor isn't asking too much money to return, so I guess you could read that as Shia LaBeouf could return in more Transformers if he wanted to, the question is does he? He's actually a good actor and doesn't need the Transformers role so much these days as his career branches off into other directions.

He also says that they haven't lost the franchise so there's no need to reboot it. Well if he looks to other reboot films and studios he'll see that it doesn't have to be lost to have a reboot, just an idea to reboot it and the potential for more money. Usually it's because the story has been taken down an avenue that means they're missing out a lucrative character or storyline, or that things just weren't as good as they once were. If any of that holds true then Transformers could easily be reboot.

There's another reason that a reboot would work though, change of director. That's pretty likely now that Michael Bay has completed three films. Surely, and he's said this himself, he has other films he wants to make? With that would come the potential for the studio to carry on the films without him, new director, new direction, new trilogy.

The other comment in there of note is the one about looking back and hating it because it won't all be about the robots. I find that a strange comment for a producer to make when there's no writer, no script and no director. Why would it have less robots? Isn't the film all about robots, and their working together with humans of course, so why less robots?

That's a strange comment to make unless he believes that the problems with the franchise to date have been too many robots, perhaps pampering to the fans wishes of more robots and he realises that there needs to be more story?

Well that's a good realisation, but at the same time he has to remember that the robots are core, much more than the lead actor and the director.

So will there be a new trilogy? I should think there will be, and there are a few directions it could go. We could see the story continue as is just further ahead in the future with more integration between Transformers and humans, or it could take a leap back to the planet that was all Transformers, however all robots and no humans isn't fitting with Murphy's comments and really doesn't provide as much buy in for an audience, it's harder to make it seem grounded and real when everything on screen is fantastical, because there wouldn't be any people.

Do you want to see Transformers continue, and if you did which direction would you want it to go in?




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