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Remake of The Bodyguard begins

TheBodyguard.jpgThere was talk of a remake of The Bodyguard back in 2009, then there were rumours of Rhianna taking the Whitney Houston role and Hugh Jackman taking over the Kevin Costner role, not bad if you were making a straight remake, however this remake is far from straight.

Oh yes, there are going to be lots of changes, such as the fact that the bodyguard will be an ex-soldier and the film will include the use of social media in the tracking of celebrities. Huge changes then.

Yes, there seems to be news galore of remakes today, and not just in Hollywood. The Bodyguard remake has been touted around for some time, back in 2009 in fact is when we started hearing about it, but it sounded more like rumour about the singer destined for bigger things rather than about an actual film in production.

Back then we heard that Rhianna was rumoured to be looked at for a remake of The Bodyguard, but then it was the pesky "inside source" rumour, which usually means its complete rubbish.

Then we heard that Hugh Jackman was going to play the bodyguard of a teen heiress played by Miley Cyrus in a film called Personal Security, which sounded like there were at least some changes being made to the original story.

Now though The Bodyguard looks set for a more traditional remake with word that two relatively new writers are set to create the script for the new film.

The new version will echo the first, bodyguard called in to protect a celebrity who is being stalked and threatened, they fall in love while he tries to keep protecting her. However he's now an Iraq veteran - or as the journalists at Deadline put it "a former Iraq war veteran", because he's not an Iraq war veteran any more - and that the use of online location services such as Google Maps, social networking tools like Twitter and the vast array of celebrity paparazzi sites will come into play.

Frankly, that's not a big change from what we saw before, and I don't really believe that they think they can emulate or beat the mammoth success of the original. The success of this project is undoubtedly going to be in the casting.

Now if Rhianna could act she might actually be pretty spot on for the role, but who could play the bodyguard?




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