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New Source Code trailer

SourceCode.jpgDuncan Jones, the director of Moon (Filmstalker review). There's not much more that you need to know is there? Of course if you know anything about the idea of the film Source Code then the anticipation for his next film is just up about fourteen levels.

Source Code is a film about a soldier in a secret experiment where someone can relive the last minutes of another's life, and he's put inside the body of a man who is onboard a train that is hit by a terrible terrorist bombing, and there's another scheduled to hit the city in six hours.

In eight minute segments he can go into the man's last moments and try and discover what happened and who the terrorist is in order to stop them from blowing up another bomb. The problem is that on the way he falls in love and then he begins to wonder if he can actually change time rather than just observe it.

The trailer for Source Code looks fantastic, as did the previous, but this one is short and gets the story across quickly and efficiently.

You can see the previous trailer on Filmstalker, and this new one below through Moviefone.

The Source Code trailer also gives us a little hint of something else. Reading between the lines it looks like when he goes in for the second time things are slightly different and he's the only one who realises that he can actually change time in that eight minute gap. There are plenty of opportunities for the story from here, such as he could actually save the train rather than solve the crime. Question remains though, who is the terrorist?




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