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Painful Killing Bono trailer online

KillingBono.jpgKilling Bono is a film about a man and his dreams of taking his band to stardom that are shattered by his friend and classmate from school, Bono. It seemed that Neil McCormick and his band were always one step behind Bono and his, U2, and while they made it, the McCormick brothers flopped.

The trailer has arrived online and while there's a good cast to it and the man playing Bono has captured some of the look of him, the trailer plays it out as a one joke, uninteresting story.

The film is based on a book by Neil McCormick himself called Killing Bono: I Was Bono's Doppelganger ( / ) and it's far from boring, well those who have read it say that.

Here's an Amazon blurb for the book:

Everyone wants to be famous. But as a young punk in Dublin in the 1970s, Neil McCormick's ambitions went way beyond mere pop stardom. It was his destiny to be a veritable Rock God. He had it all worked out: the albums, the concerts, the quest for world peace. There was only one thing he hadn't counted on. The boy sitting on the other side of the classroom had plans of his own.

Killing Bono is a story of divergent lives. As Bono and his band U2 ascended to global superstardom, his school friend Neil scorched a burning path in quite the opposite direction. Bad drugs, weird sex, bizarre haircuts: Neil experienced it all in his elusive quest for fame. But sometimes it is life's losers who have the most interesting tales to tell.

Featuring guest appearances by the Pope, Bob Dylan, and a galaxy of stars, Killing Bono offers an extremely funny, startlingly candid, and strangely moving account of a life lived in the shadows of superstardom.

"The problem with knowing you is that you've done everything I ever wanted to," Neil once complained to his famous friend. "I'm your doppelganger," Bono replied. "If you want your life back, you'll have to kill me."

Now there was a thought...

The film does look as though it carries the exact same idea and run with it, but the trailer doesn't look like it's doing anything other than play on the Bono and U2 were just here joke, never mind such unbelievable moments as the Irish band not realising that Ireland would be turning out to see the Pope arrive the same day as their gig, the day after U2 had played.

It all seems a bit contrived and painful, and perhaps that's the true story, but as the trailer says, the film is most true, and that was said ironically by the poorly chosen voice over man.

The cast is interesting though, Ben Barnes, Charlie Cox, Peter Serafinowicz, Pete Postlethwaite, Luke Treadaway and more, with McCann looking surprisingly like Bono at times, and is directed by Nick Hamm who directed The Hole.

It sounds as though it might have some greatness to it, but the trailer tells otherwise, and no appearance from U2 themselves? Well let's hope there is later in the film.

Here's the trailer from Deadline Hollywood Daily for you. What do you think? One joke stretched too far?



I can't wait for this to hit US theaters! I read the book eons ago and love the treatment these screenwriters have given it. I also know a lot about U2 history and there is, unfortunately, no need for them to be involved in this movie, as it really isn't about them. They are merely the foil to an every-guy dream that COULD have come true, if not for the competition. A lot of successful artists came out of that Dublin hot bed in the late '70s and many of them, like McCormick, were friends with Paul Hewson even before his Lypton Village 'gang' dubbed him with the nickname Bono Vox, which shortened even before U2 was formed, to just Bono (It's NOT a stage name - ask his friend Guggi). It's just the breaks, and it looks like romping good fun. I understand pal Bono came up with the title himself (after McCormick named his book "I Was Bono's Doppelganger").

As a BonoGirl, I will have my eye on this Martin McCann character, as the only painful part of this movie could be a lack of charisma that the real foil posesses.

I'm not convinced. Watching the trailer it does play on the same joke throughout, just missing out to U2, and Bono does appear a number of times.

Bono did say something to McCormick that he then used as the title of the book, have a look at the closing paragraph of the blurb in the story, it tells you there!

Thanks for some additional background information, I wonder if the film will go into this in any detail?

How long time does a new movie requirements to be taken to have the ability to see on a dvd as opposed to going to a cinema?



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