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Vanishing on 7th Street trailer and explanation online

VanishingOn7thStreet.jpgVanishing on 7th Street seems to have a straightforward blurb, but the trailer doesn't get across the main crux of what's actually happening to the people and I didn't get the sense of danger and impending doom that I'm sure I should have from looking at the characters reactions.

The film tells the story of a small group of survivors of a strange blackout after which everyone else in the world seems to have just disappeared. The group gather together and struggle to understand, and survive, why the light has gone and the darkness is creeping in one them.

So I do get from the trailer for Vanishing on 7th Street that the darkness is closing in and looks set to kill them all, but I don't understand what the importance is of not trusting anyone else's light source, and while I don't want the trailer to give it away, it just doesn't seem to have any real weight to it, and indeed feels a little whimsical.

The film was written by Anthony Jaswinski and directed by Brad Anderson, but it's the cast that gathers the most interest, Hayden Christensen, Thandie Newton, John Leguizamo.

Have a look at the trailer and see what you think about it.

There's a featurette press kit online too for the film that gives a few more clues. Christensen says that the film exists on two levels, one of them being the standard apocalyptic thriller and the other being about philosophy, the...

“...existential examination of what it means to exist.”

Then Leguizamo says something interesting:

”...all the stuff we talk about the anti-matter and smashing particles in CERN in Geneva are all really happening. People are picketing over there and they're afraid they're going to create small black holes but they might create one that's too big and might swallow the entire planet...”

You can see the video for that right here:

So the film is going to be about something happening at CERN perhaps and creating anti-matter or opening a black hole that in some way destroys all life? It's feeling like a more intelligent The Langoliers isn't it? Oh, and I mean that in a really good way!




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