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Thor Comic-Con trailer lives online

Thor.jpgThe trailer for Thor, which was shown to real life people in Comic-Con but the studio believe is either not good enough, too bad, or not right in some way for general audiences and is being taken down right, left and centre, is still alive online.

Of course saying that it will be moments before it's removed, but then if it's good enough for the Comic-Con audience then surely it's good enough for the general audience?

I'm excited about Thor because Kenneth Branagh is leading the film, and the idea of a thespian and talent such as his delivering a superhero film has my imagination captured. Of course there are a lot of similarities between the story of Thor and the films that Branagh is more accustomed to making, after all there's a theme of a great tragedy at the heart of Thor and the epic background of ancient gods doing battle.

However there's a concern isn't there, great directors coming to superhero films and creating something unique - how about Ang Lee's Hulk? I enjoyed that film, although the giant poodles and the water-based bad guy are all a bit over the top, the rest of the film I felt held well.

It doesn't mean that Branagh's film is not going to work, and having just watched the Thor trailer I have to tell you I have no idea why the studio are trying to stop this trailer, because it's pretty damn good.

I've read in places some criticism of the footage, and I don't understand why. It feels epic, the performances strong, and the look and style of the film superb. Plus there's plenty of tie in with the Avengers and Iron Man. I really like it.

Quick note to the lawyers, I'm not hosting this video, it's over on the Russian site RuTube, as you can see here. Oh, and do take note, this isn't a handheld public copy of the film, this is a proper good resolution copy of it.

So have a look, while you can, and see what you think of Kenneth Branagh's Thor, I'm more than excited.




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