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Pandorum trilogy?

PandorumPoster.jpgChristian Alvart has discovered that fans of his Pandorum film are desperate for a trilogy, and that's something that he's been talking about for the film since it began.

From the beginning of the film's production, and something I can attest to reading on Filmstalker, Alvart was keen to have a trilogy of films in the same universe, and if fans keep up their pressure he might just see it happen.

Back in October of 2008 we heard about the production for the film and how the script came to be. Originally Jeremy Bolt, Paul WS Anderson and Robert Kulzer brought a script to Christian Alvart to make into a film, he looked at the script and realised that it was very close to one he had written, so they combined the two along with the original scriptwriter Travis Milloy. At the time Alvart said:

“My idea was science fiction...Travis' screenplay was more thriller and horror, and now we have all three.”

He also spoke about the differences in the scripts:

“My original story was much bigger...Travis' script was a good entrée into this story, but it is far from being finished. There are concepts ready for a second and third part which would not simply be the same and could even be in a different genre.”

So even then he was talking about the potential for more films in the same storyline.

I was really keen to see the film because I caught his Antikörper (Antibodies - Filmstalker review) at a previous film festival and really did enjoy it, but when I finally saw Pandorum (Filmstalker review) I was a little disappointed and had hoped for a lot more.

Perhaps, and this is only in my own mind, the thriller and horror elements from the other screenplay diluted Alvart's science fiction story. Anyway, I wasn't as much a fan of the film as QuietEarth was, and they managed to come across this story of Christian Alvart becoming aware of a to get the trilogy made. Here's what he said:

”I never made it a secret that I originally wanted PANDORUM to be the middle chapter in a trilogy. I feel we haven't even scratched the surface of the more interesting concepts that are unique to our story universe.”

So he's still talking about that possibility, but now he's fleshed out how those three films would work out:

”The second one would actually be a prequel, starting with Gallo and some new characters on Earth while the mission is being prepped and ending with him and a new kickass protagonist fighting it out on the ship. As we know Gallo wins this one, but there are some great revelations about the mission as well as Leland's tank and the fate of a few characters that we would meet again in part 3. The movie ends with older Gallo killing Payton and setting the things in motion that we witnesses in PANDORUM...

...Part three would be the direct sequel to PANDORUM and unite the characters from 1 & 2 to fight against all odds to build a new civilization on Tanis which is more hostile than they thought. They also have to return to the wrecked ship to get all the stuff they need to survive and colonize.

The prequel would be a psychological sci-fi thriller (no monsters). The finale would be psychological as well (our biggest enemy is our own behavior) but would have some all-out war scenes on Tanis on a greater scale. So probably a sci-fi war movie. All three will share scary moments though. That's all I want to give away for now.”

I don't know how you feel, but despite Pandorum not living up to what I had hoped, I think there's plenty of scope for more films in that same storyline, and I would hope that Alvart would get to make them the way he wanted to, not that I'm saying he didn't before.

So if you're interested in seeing more, say so, and join the . Of course it would take a huge amount to get Hollywood interested, but it could happen. Would you want it to?




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